An Intense Day with Humpbacks and Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales – 25/10/14

Such an intense day! It really felt like fall out there…..choppy seas, cold wind, baker covered in snow and, of course, WHALES!


Got to hang out with a couple Humpbacks in the Strait of Georgia (BCZ0180 “Monarch” and a friend who never fluked) followed up by none other than my favourite group of Biggs, the T137’s with the T36A’s right outside of Active Pass, again in the Strait of Georgia.

t137 t36a just kickin it
T137 and T36A

They spent most of the encounter hunting a seal.


The matriarchs and the big guy, T137A, stayed out for the most part and let the kids do the work. It was amazing to see the school of carnage take place before our eyes and the cartwheel from BCZ0180 was pretty sweet to top it off.

T137 D
BCZ0180 “Monarch”

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