An Incredible Whale and Bird Watching Trip! – 23/7/19

While aboard a Puffin & Pelagic Boat Tour with Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, we were on our way to Seal Island when I noticed a larger bird harassing some terns. I took a look with my binoculars and saw it was a jaeger of some sort, which got me excited because I had never seen one before.

However, at the same time, the naturalist aboard said she saw a couple of Minke Whales, which I also had never seen before. Torn between my love for cetaceans and birds, I wondered which one I should take a photo of, knowing both species would probably only be briefly around. Thankfully, I managed to snap photos of both the jaeger (which turned out to be a Parasitic Jaeger) and the Minke Whale!

I also got great looks at Atlantic Puffins!


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