An Incredible Late Season Trip – 24/11/23

We had an incredible whale watching experience today. Departing from the marina in Belmar, we were unsure of what we might encounter, especially since no whales were spotted from Belmar Beach that morning, which had me slightly apprehensive. However, having witnessed five whales from my home deck on Thanksgiving Day, I remained hopeful.

Our optimism paid off splendidly. Shortly after reaching Manasquan Beach, where other boats had reported whale sightings, we quickly found ourselves amidst three whales.

Over the next three hours, we were fortunate to follow four different whales, making for an exceptional and exciting trip. Everyone on board captured fantastic photos, and the heated cabin with its large windows provided a cozy spot to watch the whales and then step outside to hear their blows and see their magnificent lunch feeding and tail displays.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this trip was that all the whales we encountered were new to us, different from those seen the previous Sunday. This variety highlights how each whale watching day offers a unique experience.

Happy holidays and looking forward to seeing you soon,

-Bill and the crew at Jersey Shore Whale Watch.

This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here.

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