An Incredible Interaction with Canopy and her Calf – 26/2/17

The stars of our week were this mom and calf pair. I was able to ID mom as one of our whales which was super exciting for me! She’s a well known whale known as Canopy. She was very relaxed and calm with us swimmers in the water. Her calf, which is a healthy baby boy, was very shy on our first day with them, but the second day we spent with them he was much more curious and even had a little mischief in him! They were so much fun to swim with.

I feel the need to add this disclaimer. This photo was taken legally down on the breeding grounds. We had professional guides by our side and they have permits to snorkel with these whales. The guides do a fantastic job of keeping us swimmers safe while also respecting the whales and keeping them safe as well. We do keep a safe distance, but of course the whales are free to approach us as closely as they’d like and they’re also free to completely avoid us if they feel threatened or disturbed in any way. Canopy and her little boy showed no signs at all that our presence was bothering them and in fact they approached us multiple times. This was truly an extremely humbling experience.


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