An Incredible Encounter with Three Blue Whales! – 2/10/17

On October 2nd, 2017 we boarded a sustainable whale watching cruise from, which is located at the south coast of Sri Lanka.

This area is known to have one of the largest Blue Whale populations in the world, so we thought we would try and find the largest animals ever to have lived on our planet.

After 3 hours in rough conditions, we managed to spot the first blue whale and quickly found ourselves surrounded by 3 adults, who were gently circling our boat.

The sheer size of these whales is breath taking and we couldn’t help but scream “Wow” again and again.

2.5 hours and about 350 photos later we started heading back to the mainland. I can highly recommend our local tour operator Raja and the whales to anyone who is interested in taking this trip.


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