An Incredible Encounter with T137A “Jack”! – 30/12/19

When I arrived, the T137’s were spread out with T137B and C together. T137 was a little further east and T137A was 2 miles away from everyone, I really wanted to see T137A “Jack” as it was my first time seeing him since end of August when he was injured at the base of his fluke and we didn’t know if he would survive and being one of my favorite Orca I was really happy to see him! As I slowly approached he did a drastic change of direction arching his back, a sign that he was hunting.

I was about 400m away so I turned off my engines to make sure I wasn’t disturbing him. He did one more surface towards the boat still at 400m and then disappeared for a long 5 min. We were looking everywhere around when I saw him just appeared right on my starboard side under the zodiac then I realized he was dragging a dead Harbour Seal on his pectoral fin, he looked so proud to show that he caught a seal all my himself. He did 2 laps around the boat before slowly going back towards the rest of the group. In the two years on the water I have never saw anything like it, we felt pretty special!


**All regulations respected, engines were off to let him hunt when he showed up beside the boat after a dive**

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