An Incredible Encounter with Melon-Headed Whales! – 14/3/17

Had an amazing and unique encounter today with over 100 melon-headed whales and some pan tropical spotted dolphins

One Spotted Dolphin was doing crazy aerials to try and dislodge a remora!

What a way to wrap up my time on the beautiful Island of Hawaii.

I went offshore with the legend, Deron and at around the 5000ft mark we found a huge group of melon headed whales!

In the last 15 years, scientists have only had around 60 encounters with these deep water whales!

We slipped into the water at 5000 feet for a gorgeous deep, blue water snorkel and I took this video. Turn up your volume and listen to all the clicks and whistles.

This encounter is something I may never have again and I feel so lucky I could be so close to this whale who was just sitting on the surface looking right back at me.

A rare melon-headed whale spyhopping in front of our boat!

Very privileged to have such an amazing encounter!


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