An Incredible Encounter with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales in the Strait of Georgia – 26/8/15

One of the most incredible encounters of the season tonight! 16 animals in total including T100’s, T101’s, T137’s, T36B’s and T36 in the Strait of Georgia.  They had a “motor boat” theme going and a bunch of them kept blowing bubbles at the surface…not enough words to describe the encounter.

T137 T137D T137A
T137 T137D T137A


Amazing social behaviour, insane vocals above and below the surface……the whole nine!


T100C dorsal slap
T100C Dorsal Slap

Two of my favourite whales. T102 on the right, a full grown 31 year old bull and on his left is the quirky 13 year old, T137A. It really gives you an idea of the size difference between an adult male and sprouting male.

T102 right T137A left
T102 and T137A


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