An Experience of a Lifetime! – 17/7/21

I recently moved from the shore of Lake Ontario to the Eastern coast of Newfoundland. Once the whales starting to migrate into Trinity Bay I went out on my first whale watching excursion. It was exciting to see the great Humpbacks and to hear the blow. 10 plus trips later and I finally had the experience of a lifetime!

We found three Humpbacks in a cove, they were just slowly moving around eating. Two dove deep and left the area the other came over and gave us a look. For half an hour, maybe a little longer she swam under and around the boat.

She gave us a few gentle blows, a lot of tail and pec fin slaps and played with us. My favourite part was the spy hops! I haven’t smiled and laughed like that in years.

Since that trip I’ve had one similar experience and have been able to see and photograph a few different whale breaches.


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