An Excellent Encounter with the T46C’s Travelling with T125 and T127! -8/7/15

I was so disappointed earlier in the season when the T125’s came into our waters and I wasn’t out on the water any of the days we got to see them. I had to live and love vicariously thorough the lens of my friends and colleagues. Well today changed all that. Although I didn’t get to see the entire family of T125’s, we did also get to see the T46C’s travelling with T125 and T127.

 july 8
T46C and T46C1 with a Harbour Seal snack
T46C with T46C3 (youngest)
T46C with her youngest, T46C3
T46C1 july 8 with seal
T46C1 with a Harbour Seal for lunch!
T125 july 8
T127 july 8 2

T46C2, also known as Sam, got separated from its family back in 2013. He had swam into a shallow bay and became psychologically stuck afraid to swim back over the shallow sand bar. Luckily this little whale was found by the Vancouver Aquarium who monitored the situation for a few weeks before deciding this animal was not going to leave on its own. On their first try to get T46C2 out of the bay, they were successful! Nobody knew if it would find its family again… Well looks like we have a very happy ending!!!

T46C2 (Sam) with T46C3
T46C2 “Sam” with T46C3


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  1. Hola soy marina gomez de timbues santa fe argentina me podrás pasar la info en castellano …amo las orcas! Y me gustaría leerla

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