An Epic Day with the T37As! – 8/8/15

This ended up being an awesome day! We spent time with the T37A’s while they just seemed content to travel along in unpredictable lines.

T37A, T37A4, T37A2 backbround, T37A3 in rear-whole family
The whole family-T37A, T37A4, T37A2 in the background and T37A3 bringing up the rear

We were getting ready to say our goodbyes when I asked Captain Dennis if we could have “just one more look”. This turned out to be an very good decision because just as we were about to leave after that last look the T37A’s took to hunting behaviours. I assumed it would be a harbour seal as they are very plentiful but was surprised to find it was a harbour porpoise, either a very new baby or a late term fetus, I think it’s a very new baby.

One of the T37A’s with the neonate Harbour Porpoise in it’s mouth!

We saw it flung through the air and then had the incredible sight of seeing one of these orca come up in a spyhop with it in it’s mouth!

Harbour Porpoise being carried on Orca’s belly
T37A3 looks to be a male
T37A3 looks to be a male


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