An Epic Breachfest with Shell! – 12/7/20

Amazing day on the water in our Sea Panda! Tim and I caught up to a humpback near Point No Point, we traveled with it to Edmonds, got ID shots (still working on that) and then had a breachfest near Edmonds!

We left the humpback as it was heading South to Seattle and we headed up North to Mukilteo where we found the T065A’s, transient orca pod. We hung out with them to Edmonds and then headed home!

With help from all my whale friends and naturalists we may have ID’d this humpback as MMX0049 “Shell”! Shell was down here in Puget Sound last summer for a quick visit as well!

All photos are heavily zoomed and cropped and all whale watch guidelines were followed. I was in constant contact with Orca Network as well so they could alert the ferry and ships when the whale was in the shipping lanes.
Enjoy! July 12 And then came the sucky part of the day…we left the Humpback and headed over to Clinton to find the T065A’s and my lens locked up. Like it is stuck on 150, won’t zoom in or out….(It’s a 150-600). So no close ups of the orcas.


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