An Encounter with Cat’s Paw – 11/6/22

This is a whale named Cat’s Paw and believe it or not, this maneuver is part of her feeding technique!

She comes up with a high lunge and as she gets closer to the water’s surface she opens her mouth. This was my first time seeing this behavior and my first time meeting this individual!

Definitely a memorable sighting!

Here she is with her unique feeding technique again. I love how the Boston skyline is visible in the background.

8 thoughts on “An Encounter with Cat’s Paw – 11/6/22

  1. Years ago my family adopted Cat’s Paw for a few years! 🐾 (My daughter wanted to keep her in the bathtub.) She has calved many times since then.

  2. My mom, for my bday when I was 14, adopted Cat’s Paw. Fast forward to telling a friend about it on the internet during the lockdown for Covid. They said “If she was studied, they would keep tabs on her. See if she’s still alive.” 2020, I Googled her, to my overjoyed happiness, she is. And now she is still being sighted. Keep on, keeping on, girl. I am still rooting for you at 44 years old for me.

    1. My sister and I adopted her back in the early 90s. I, too, went Googling for here here in adulthood and am thrilled to get to catch back up on her!

  3. Wow! My mom adopted Cat’s Paw for my sis and I wayyyyy back. Today I was looking at something similar for my own kids so it reminded me of Cat’s Paw. A quick Google search and here we are. Keep going Cat’s Paw!!

  4. For several years back in the early 90s I adopted Cat’s Paw for our office as a morale booster for the team. I would post updates on the office bulletin board and send in donations collected by the group. I look up Cat’s Paw every so often to see if she’s been spotted. Will always have a soft spot for Cat’s Paw!

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