An Amazing Interaction with a Brand New J50! – 28/12/14

On a very cold, windy, grey day I went for a brisk walk out to East Point, out far beyond on the fog alarm. I heard something, the unmistakable sound of a whale but it was too windy to really see anything. I then spotted a group of whales, about 4 or 5 of them coming around East Point. I thought at first they might have been Transients looking for sea lions but then I saw a tiny little calf! She was scooting out from the other whales, falling back, then scooting out and falling back. It was just so unusual to see, she was just so tiny and orange it was unbelievable! I started running around the point to keep up with them until they swam off to Boundary Pass.
I saw them again the next day, it was another windy, choppy day and they were further out but I spotted white and it was the white of the whales, not the whitecaps.

On New Years Eve I then saw the CBC news report the J50 had been seen at Pender Island and the way she was being described sounded exactly as to what I had seen three days earlier.


2 thoughts on “An Amazing Interaction with a Brand New J50! – 28/12/14

  1. What a wonderful privilege! Let’s hope the new calf gets the protection it needs to grow into a beautiful and graceful adult!

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