An Amazing Experience with Dusky Dolphins – 12/04

Back in 2004 we travelled to the beautiful coastal town of Kaikoura on New Zealand’s stunning South Island. The area is renowned for whale and dolphin watching. Where conditions allow there’s also a possibility to swim with the dusky dolphins, if of course they are willing to participate. Luckily for us they were! We located a small pod of dolphins not long out from the coast and got geared up as quickly as possible. Upon entering the water it was amazing to find three playful wild dolphins approach and swim right beside us. Lowering my head into the water I could hear the dolphin’s famous high pitched contented tones as they swam around our group. Just amazing. Of all of the many experiences I’ve had on my travels, this is one I remember most vividly and most fondly. Such truly majestic and intelligent animals.


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