An Amazing Encounter with Bubble Net Feeding Humpbacks! – 4/8/18

The big orange boat was trying to get to the outer islands with kayaks and paddle boards ready to be used.

Leaving Kitimat the wind stopped us from heading to the outside and we decided to hope for it be calm while visiting bishop bay. Great place to waste a few hours!

After fun and snacks we tried again and while driving down Princess Royal Island we spotted a large group of humpbacks. This group was bubble net feeding it’s way along the shore! We slowed and stopped quite far away and they just kept taking turns. Disappearing and later bursting forth! Mouths gaping then ballooning full. AMAZING!

While the adults and my middle child Hazel all had cameras the youngest, Iris didn’t have one. So I asked her to with the go pro. She didn’t think it very worth while at such a distance but did try a few videos leaning over the side of the boat with the selfie stick jammed into the dark.

We went on after that display to camp three more days in the outer islands and didn’t review the footage from the trip till we were back on land. Eventually I got to a 5 min video and hit play with the volume cranked on the TV. Everyone stopped and had no idea what was going on! Low and behold Iris had captured an entire bubble net sequence!! Everyone in the house just sat and listened to the wonderful eerie sounds!!!


See (and hear!) the videos here, here and here.

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