An Amazing Day with the T46Bs – 2/6/19

Okay… today was an absolutely amazing day!!! The T046Bs (including the handsome white whale T046B1B now known as Tl’uk, pronounced Tuh-luke) or at least the little kidlets were super super active

This was just incredible as they headed north towards Dodd Narrows.

“Tl’uk” and the youngest member of this pod, T046B6, were trying to get airborne almost non-stop.

Tl’uk, T046B1B, shows an incredible amount of “Rake Marks”, aka orca teeth marks, all over his body. Is it just that we can see them more clearly with his light colouration or is he picked on a fair bit more for his leucistic colouration… whale mysteries!!! There was a moment where it did look like mom was tail slapping AT him vs near him… maybe she was tired of all his antics.

He did stop breaching shortly after that.

What an absolutely incredible group to spend time with!!!


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