An Amazing Day just Outside of Vancouver – 14/7/15

Pretty sweet day! My first trip driving for Seabreeze and they were right on our doorstep! It was pretty cool to see little J51 spending a lot of time away from mom and hanging out and playing with J47!

J19 and J51
J19 “Shachi” and J51
J27 “Blackberry” pec slapping

It’s been great to see these guys hanging out near the mouth of the Fraser River chasing fish.  Such an amazing day out there just outside of Vancouver.

J35 Tahlequah bellyflopping
J35 “Tahlequah” bellyflopping
J47 Notch, J35
J47 “Notch” breaching beside his mom J35 “Tahlequah”
J16, J50
J16 “Slick” and J50


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