An Almost Sunny Day – 7/12/20

I do not even need to mention anymore that we have had an amazing day. Clear skies, beautiful colors, and loads of orcas.

The fishing activity is still on…I think maybe for another week before the fisherman will finish their quota for 2020 (that’s my estimation).

We went a little bit south from Skjervøy, where we found 2-3 fishing vessels.

Looked like they were on standby and the orcas looked like already had eaten. Most of them were just resting on the surface.

Later one of the fishing boats started to put out the net the orcas woke up

They were not making a huge deal out of it, I mean last year I remember much bigger feeding frenzies around the boats, but this year the orcas seem quieter around the fishing boats. But still, a few of them went close to the net and fed.

After the operation was over some of the orcas kept resting, but we were lucky and found the “spy-hop” group. I gave this ad-hoc name to them because they were spy hopping all over us.

We have had double and even triple spy-hop from them (PS I only managed to get a sharp photo of the double one )

Tune in for the next Orca Channel episode to see the videos about all the crazy spy-hop party

Enjoy the photos


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