An Afternoon with K12s and K13s – 28/6/15

An afternoon with the Ks that are sticking to their roots and have chosen not to hang out with J Pod all the time (I’m looking at you K14s!).

K27 deadhead
K27 “Deadhead” with the North Shore mountains in the background

Mercifully, the winds subsided for half the day and the clouds blanketed the Gulf in a welcome cover of rain droplets and shade.  The heat we are experiencing has given rise to NW winds howling down the Gulf of Georgia day in and day out, and it looks like they are going to be getting a lot worse before they get better.
So I will be thinking about this amazing little moment with a social meeting of the K12s and K13s while we wait out the winds (if they decide to start screaming again this week).
They were travelling together the whole encounter, just the two of them, separate from the rest of the group. There seemed to be something more than just strictly travel going on, as there was some rolling around and occasional stopping to do who knows what! I tried to keep my eyes on them rather than the main group because their behaviour was pretty interesting at the surface.

K 12 and K33
K12 and K33 were side-by-side at the surface like this, rolled slightly to the side, one eye raised out of the water, almost as if they were looking at each other.

Right when we were about to leave, K12 and K33 rejoined the rest of the group and they all did that amazing thing they do sometimes where they all hang at the surface, rostrums poking out of the water, their journey paused for a moment to … converse perhaps? Who knows.

K12 Sequim and K33 Tika
K12 “Sequim” and K33 “Tika”


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