An Absolutely Incredible Day in the Salish Sea – 15/10/19

From being covered in whale snot, to looking down the throats of two humpback whales as they lunge-fed, and finally to this breathtaking moment right here, when MMX0079 “Pantera” decided to defy gravity, I can honestly say that the Salish Sea left me speechless today.

I have so much to say and not enough words to say it; no combination of twenty-six letters could ever describe the feeling of seeing this. 

A mother’s love. This is a tender moment I captured tonight between T037A and her offspring, T037A3. Mom (right) logged at the surface like this for four or five minutes until her kiddo came in for a snuggle. They rested together for a few moments, floating at the surface, chin-to-chin, before swimming to catch up with the other seventeen whales.


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