Amazing T-Party! – 30/8/18

Saw an AMAZING T-party (as I learned it was called) with the most stellar vocals, spyhopping, somersault, etc today! The Orcas came right next to the boat within touching distance. It was astounding!

My husband and I went to San Juan (from Arkansas) solely for the Orcas. I am thoroughly enamored with Orcas and researched some of the best places to see them, leading me to San Juan. On our FIRST outing of many, we headed towards Vancouver out of Friday Harbor. After some time into the trip, we came upon a big group of whales. I looked through my binoculars as we grew closer just in time to witness a full “Free Willy” style jump! Our boat was either silent, listening to stellar vocals, tail slaps, or their breathing OR we were screaming from how suddenly close the whales were. I mean, we were SO fortunate—we turned our engine off and had whales circling our boat for a solid thirty minutes. You had to choose between the whales breaching right next to our boat on the right or the whales curiously drawing close enough to touch on the left. We saw the T101 brothers, which are my FAVORITE. It was a wild first whale watching experience!


See videos of this encounter here and here.

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