Amazing Night with the T37A’s – 19/7/17

After SO much searching last night we found the T37As. They were just moving up the Strait of Georgia and then, all of a sudden, they got super social! Breaching, tail slaps, cartwheels…pretty insane. As we followed them, I noticed T37A2 and T37A3 broke off and turned towards our boat. I put it in neutral and after about 5 minutes, I noticed some movement in the water beside us and looked over the edge to see the two of them just laying beside the boat looking at us! This is T37A3 just checking us out! After this they moved to the bow, went vertical with their rostrums pointing out of the water and were vocalizing. Very strange and amazing behaviour. First time I’ve had that happen in 10 years. I was hesitant to share because I don’t want to make people think this is normal but it was too amazing not to!

See video footage of this encounter here.


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