Amazing Experience with Orcas in Iceland – 23/5/19

I have loved these beautiful majestic creatures since I was a kid in 1988 when I seen a news report of 3 Grey whales trapped in ice in Alaska & always thought how much I would love to see them in the wild. I have been to Tarifa on the Strait of Gibraltar only seen back of juvenile Sperm Whale in distance, I then traveled to Iceland in February only to be caught out by weather & didn’t get of the dock but I was determined I must see them!

Finally I traveled back & after a long car journey of 4 hrs I landed in Olafvsik Iceland & my dream came true when I seen these Orcas feeding on herring.

The experience was so over whelming & emotional it was without doubt the 2nd best day of my life after the birth of my daughter I’m still on a high from it.


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