Amazing Encounters with Amazon River Dolphins – 5/23

It’s one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had, and definitely, with Amazon River Dolphins. I started to notice during the trip that I wasn’t seeing them very often, it was pretty difficult to spot them when the boat was moving. And we were living on a river boat for about a week. I asked my professor if I could just stay behind, because I wanted to see if maybe I could spot them just from the boat while it was parked and quiet. And I had some of the most amazing encounters observing them. It was, it was crazy once the boat would just stop and it would be quiet. It’s like they would magically appear.

And they would start socializing around the boat. My professor told me like, you probably won’t see them leaping. I’ve never seen them leap. And lo and behold, what I was on the boat, started seeing them leap multiple times.

It was it was hard to time photos of the leaps, because they were very sudden. But that was definitely one of my favorite encounters. And it just kind of taught me to be patient and understand our, our impact on those animals because those boats can be very loud. And once it was stopped in parked, they just were having a great time they were feeding by our boat and socializing. So it was very special getting to witness that and just seeing how being quiet and patient like the rewards of respecting wildlife.


This post was adapted from a voice recording in episode 64 of the Whale Tales Podcast, listen here.

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