Amazing Day with the T46s, T46Bs and Humpbacks! – 13/8/19

Amazing day!! Two tours on Saratoga, we found T46’s and T46B’s on both including little gray whale T46B1B “Tl’uk” as well as 8 Humpbacks!

The highlight for me was on trip one, we found humpbacks MMY0082 “Nala” and my favorite MMZ0013  “Two Spot”!

They traveled side by side next to us then they sped up towards a freighter ship wake and started SURFING in the wake! Then they went into a breach fest and one point breached together -so awesome to see!!

Out of the 8 Humpbacks we found I only have ID’s on 3, as I did not get fluke shots on the others, MMY0139, MMY0048 “Titan” and “Slate”‘s Calf, but it was whale soup!! Then went to Protection Island where we found “Snozzie” the Elephant Seal, eagles, Tufted Puffins, Pigeon Guillemots and more

Back into the inlet we caught up to Transient Orcas T46s and T46Bs! 13 whales in this family including the 7 month old gray/white whale T46B1B Tl’uk!


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