Amazing Day with Northern Residents and Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales! – 24/8/16

We started early in the morning from Alert Bay with Seasmoke Whale Watching, the fog was so thick we could not see a hand in front of us, I thought there was no way we would find anything on the water! With the cooperation of researchers and fishermen in the area we soon had reports of whales!


We hit our spot and the boat placed a hydrophone in the water, we soon heard their calls and our guide on the boat was ecstatic as it was G Clan and this was the first time they had been spotted back in the area, this was a mother and her son and they were hunting, it was hard to get pictures but I think the couple of good ones I managed to get was worth it, I am overjoyed with the picture of the 2 whales


After the foggy start in the morning we decided to stay on the boat and join in the afternoon session, we were on the boat less than 5 minutes when these transient killer whales passed us, they were moving quite quick so we did not spend very long with them




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