Amazing but Quick Interaction with Two Orca Calves! – 7/99

16 years ago I took my granddaughters down to East Point to see a big pod of Killer Whales. We went down onto the rocks right on the waters edge. Suddenly, two very tiny (probably 4 or 5 feet long) calves swam right up to us and put their snouts about 6 inches from my granddaughters feet! The older, mother orcas were not very happy with the calves doing this and chased them right out of there.

As always, with whales at East Point there were a lot of people down watching the whales and everyone was so shocked by these calves interaction so of course no one got pictures!


One thought on “Amazing but Quick Interaction with Two Orca Calves! – 7/99

  1. Je suis très intéressé au domaine de la recherche marine dans le monde
    J’aime beaucoup les merveilles vidéos des animaux de la Mer
    J’adore la Mer
    Merci l’équipe

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