Absolutely Incredible Experience with Biggs Killer Whales – 12/6/17

Today was so amazing!

On the first trip of the day was with one group of T’s in resting mode, then we got a tip about this group for the afternoon tour, parked the boat, shut her down, and the whales came over and surrounded us and played, socialized, mated possibly, hunted…I could go on!! πŸ™‚

At least 5-6 groups of Biggs, we couldn’t ID them all as they were on all sides of the boat hunting seals or porpoise!

At least 3 or 4 kids seemed to be learning to hunt and they were so excited! Huge celebrations (on all sides of the boat at the same time!)

Breaches all around, didn’t know where to point the camera!

There was 25-30 Orcas…right off of Smith and Minor Islands in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, seals everywhere. A couple males stuck by the islands and kept herding a few seals away from the land. It was windy and the swells were getting bigger so we couldn’t stay too long. Probably one of the most active, exciting encounters I’ve seen…

At one point, we had a baby breaching over and over on the port side, 2 males surface behind us then one breached, another baby breached on the starboard side and then behind us another baby and a few females surface and the baby tosses a piece of seal in the air, lol! What to shoot!! Horrible problem to have!!

And did I mention they made at least 5 kills!! Woohoo AWESOME!! I seriously squealed and screamed as it was so cool!!



One thought on “Absolutely Incredible Experience with Biggs Killer Whales – 12/6/17

  1. Amazing photos from your best trip ever. Congratulations to you, fantastic to see your wonderful photos! ❀🐳

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