A Wonderful Encounter with Heather and Her New Calf! – 1/8/20

Going through some of this seasons photos and feeling very lucky despite everything happening around us that I have been able to get out on the water and be in my happy place with some incredible people and some wonderful whales!!!

These photos are from an afternoon trip on August 1st with a humpback whale known as BCY0160 “Heather” and her newest son. These photos show her son getting some airtime and showing off his fluke, doing lots of tail slaps.

At one point he did a big chin slap into a dive and then breached close enough to us that my lens, that had been extended to 500mm was way to far out… I had to try to zoom out as quick as I could and managed to get one of my favourite humpback breach shots yet!

Big thanks to Wild Whales Vancouver for choosing to go out this year even with all the uncertainty around what this season would look like.

Big thanks as well to all the locals and other Canadians from across this beautiful Country for choosing to come out with us and any of our competitors!

We all need your support and we can’t thank you enough for joining us in these crazy and uncertain times. It means the world to us!!! I hope you all enjoy these photos!!!


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