A Wonderful Day with Orcas – 4/1/21

Happy New Year to All of you!

Today was predicted a bit windy day and we were thinking to stay in….but I convinced Norbi that we need to go Its the beginning of January and its usually a busy period.

And how wonderful that we went out. We went to a fjord which was sheltered from the wind direction and found one fishing boat and a small group of orcas.

They almost arrived at the same time as we did. The net was already out of the water, herring scale everywhere so the feast started. The orcas spread out and all of them were catching their own herring.

After they became very playful. Especially 2 females with their calves approached the boat and hang out with us. Both of the females spy-jumped like a meter from the boat right after each other! I intentionally said spy jump because 75% of their body was above the surface…They were very close to the boat (we were just floating, not moving at all), they definitely wanted to have a closer look at us.

They almost high-fived us

Later during the day, the females were resting, but their calves just kept playing and playing. They even approached and chased around 2
Humpback Whales too.

You can see their adventures in the coming Orca Channel episode https://orcachannel.com



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