A Wonderful Day in Les Escoumins – 1/7/17

Today we went to the Cap de Bon Désir where we had the chance and privileged to see Minke Whale (petit rorqual), Beluga Whale, little pinguins and eider duck! Feeling so lucky!
And they were so much more beautiful in their habitat, free and majestic. It was to be exact in Les Escoumins, at the Marine Environment Discovery Center. The access is free this year because of the 150th anniversary of Canada. There you have many people available to explain you anything about the marine wildlife. We attended a conference about sharks, their importance in the ecosystem and how we should protect them. I love sharks, and I was so happy to learn more about them. Then we went looking at the bay where we could potentially see whales. Nothing was guaranteed. But at the same time, I don’t take animal or anything for granted! I would rather seat and wait for hours and hope see something.

I love marine wildlife, and I felt so so blessed when we had the chance to see some back out of the water not so far way from us in Les Escoumins! We had to wait a bit to see another but waiting worth it so much! We also saw beluga, little pinguins and eider duck. It was purely amazing! It made me emotional and just writing this almost brings a tear in my eye. This wildlife is a treasure, I hope people will see that and will understand that we need to preserve our environment, our animals, our earth. I’m a positivist, things are changing and I know one day we will have a planet with more understanding and respect.


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