A Windy Day with Whales – 31/5/18

It was windy as we headed out of San Francisco Bay in search of whales. We found four humpbacks close to Mile Rock at the end of the Golden Gate Strait.

Two of the four whales were surfacing in synchrony and diving together. The other two were nearby.

The whales were near a huge group of birds, mostly comprised of cormorants and gulls, along with some pelicans and common murres.

We also spotted a couple of harbor seals and one California sea lion.

We started off the second trip with sightings of California sea lions and some harbor porpoises. As we made our way towards the Golden Gate Bridge, we saw a spout in the central bay.

We followed at a distance as the humpback moved towards Cavallo Point, where it was joined by another whale. They were feeding and we were able to spot one lunge feed.

Many container ships passed by, but the whales stayed north of them. By the end of the trip the two whales were diving in synchrony.

We spotted tons of harbor seals near the bridge on this trip. We also spotted a California sea lion eating a striped bass with a knot of gulls hovering over it.


This story was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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