A Whale Tales Meeting Interrupted by Whales! – 28/1/17

We were on our way to Saturna Island, which in the off season means travelling to just about every Gulf Island on the way.  We had decided to use this long boat ride to have our monthly Whale Tales meeting and were just in the middle of talking about some exciting new plans when the captain came on the PA to announce that a) we were arriving at Sturdies Bay and b) there were Orcas travelling off the port side of the boat!  We quickly abandoned our meeting and headed outside to catch a glimpse.  They were quite spread out travelling past the islands.  We saw a couple of big tall fins and a few smaller whales so we guessed that is might be J Pod – one of the tall fins definitely looked like it could be J26 “Mike”!

We watched them swim by, pretty low key travelling with a couple of spy hops for about 10 minutes.  We counted about 15 whales as they passed the boat.

They were about to round the corner out of sight when the Captain came back on the PA asking people to stop watching the whales and get off the ferry if it was their stop!  An excellent and appropriate break in our morning meeting! 🙂

Excited Whale Faces!


-The Whale Tales Team

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