A Visit from J2 – 17/8/14

This day was really neat. The Orcas were quite spread out foraging for food and we just shut down the boat to wait and see if any were heading our way. I love shutting down and getting the opportunity to hear the blows/exhales of these incredible animals. We had the privilege of seeing J2 “Granny” at the very beginning of our encounter but we had left her to see who else we could spend some time with. As we were stopped, out of nowhere this Orca starts coming towards us on a diagonal towards the port side stern of our boat. I quickly realized it was Granny as she got closer. Normally she would just continue on her path, maybe go under the boat without altering her direction. This time was different… and special. As she got closer, she altered course to parallel the port side of the boat fairly close by. She then came along the bow and then continued along her original course and direction. It felt like she was just coming over to scope us out and say hello before going along her merry way. She is an incredible orca and it is always so special getting to see her but when she seems to go out of her way to come to you it is an exquisite experience.


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