A Very Friendly Humpback Encounter! – 8/15

My friend and I left town early one morning from Kitimat, we intended to go out into Hecate Strait. We did eventually make it but super fun delay en-route 🙂 Our first sightings that day started in Verney Passage, picked up from there on. We kept seeing more as we went zooming along a whale started breaching like crazy beside Gil Island as we passed! We had to stop and admire. We sat there staring at all these huge splashes and booming thunder and he came all the way over to us. 2 hrs we sat and took photos and go pro videos! Every time it looked as though the whale and his friends would leave he would turn right around and stand up right beside the boat. Best footage ever . Funny thing is all the other whales kept coming over and you could sense they were like hey dummy stop doing that .. so he would pretend to follow them then swing back around and blow snot alllll over us again! He took great pleasure in blasting us from a couple feet away at times with slippery whale breath. Kinda takes your own breath away. The main culprit in the snot shower has a hole in his great big flipper near his armpit. Very obvious and distinct!  In the go pro footage you can see other whales further below that we didn’t even know where there!

We eventually made it out into Hecate and that’s when we thought ..what next annnd up popped a mola mola!

See videos of this encounter here and here


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