A T123 Family Portrait – 8/5/13

T123, T123C, T123A may 8
T123, T123C, T123A

A great family portrait and size comparison. Mommy T123 (front) with her two kids. Look how tiny T123C (less than a year old) looks compared to his/her older brother T123A (13 years old)! I’ve seen this family three times already this spring, and on each occasion the calf has been swimming very close to his/her older brother, surfacing with him and even rolling around almost on top of him like a giant whale jungle-gym. It is amazing to watch a 10,000 lb animal bond with his much smaller baby sibling.

T123A, T2C1
T123A, T2C1

T2C1 “Rocky” surfaced right next to us, and in my spastic flurry of excitement I somehow managed to take one clear shot.

Thought the water streaming down from his eye area was interesting (I hear whale tears are worth their weight in unicorn horns).

T2C1 “Rocky”


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