A Surprise Encounter with J Pod after a Morning with Bigg’s (Transients)! – 5/7/16

A surprise encounter with J Pod (Group A) this afternoon!! So much activity but the best thing to watch was them hammering fish!

J19 “Shachi”
J19 landing
J19 “Shachi” landing

Welcome home J Pod. It’s been pretty rare this season to see those familiar fins but group A of J  Pod returned a few days ago and have been hanging around at the mouth of the Fraser River.

J40 “Suttles”

I watched them this afternoon for a few hours chasing fish all over. This is a particularly hard season on them as we have record low salmon returns to the river.

J49 “T’ilem I’nges” bellyflopping
L87 “Onyx”

I guess my morning with the T137’s, T65B’s and T124C was alright too 😉


They spent over an hour hunting a harbour seal. Once the hunt was over, T65B did a big bellyflop and I caught this shot of the beautiful girl.



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