A Sunset Encounter with J Pod and the K14’s – 29/6/17

We had a perfect sunset encounter with J Pod and the K14’s tonight.

J31 and J41

We found them all in a resting formation, while J27 and L87 foraged a few miles offshore.

J51, J41, J19

4Ever Wild motored along with them from False Bay to Eagle Point. While they were resting, you could hear a pin drop on board. All that could be heard were the sounds of their blows.

J45 “Se-Yi’-Chn,” J40 “Suttles,” K42 “Kelp,” K36 “Yoda,” K14 “Lea” and K26 “Lobo” rising

I had previously met all members of J Pod, except for J27 “Blackberry.” As if knowing this, J27 rocketed through the waves and appeared off of our port side. We could see the white of his eye patches and ventral side beneath the waves. It was the perfect introduction to this male that I had heard so much about.


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