A Special Trip Back on the Water – 9/5/20

We here at Láki Tours in west Iceland managed to get out on the water for a special whale watching tour on the 9th May from Ólafsvík. With a small number of passengers and perfect weather we headed out into the waters of Breidafjördur.

Our fjord has the backdrop of the beautiful Snæfellsjökull glacier, which on this sunny day was clear out of the clouds. We headed west and our first sighting was a Humpback Whale. This whale was just travelling fast to the east. As we got into deeper water we started to see Sperm Whales.

We only have the large, solitary males up here in Iceland and we saw at least five individuals, one of which went down on a deep dive right in-front of the glacier, the incredible photo moment of the tour.

On our way home we found a small group of White-beaked Dolphins, the main dolphin species sighted this far north in the north Atlantic ocean. 

We let our happy passengers off the boat, but had to take the boat back to the save harbour in Grundarfjörður where we are currently keeping it. On this journey, with just the crew on board we were lucky enough to see two groups of Orcas out in the east of the fjord, feeding on herring.

We are the main company in Iceland for orca sightings, especially at this time of year where we see them very often.

This is usually the best time of year for multiple species in our fjord, and this was a wonderful, four species day. We hope to be out there regularly again soon.


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