A Special Encounter with a Trio of Humpbacks – 30/6/19

Today was all around perfection. Warm enough to not need a sweater, glassy calm seas, and cooperative whales that we had all to ourselves. We spent our time with NA-0150 “Spoon”, NA-0784 “Fan”, and NA-8071 “Chromosome” (the only male of the trio). I love to joke around about Spoon as every time I see her, she’s resting and not doing much of anything. Today started out the same way, but eventually she woke up enough to do a bit of flipper slapping. Spoon is known for her size and is thought to be the largest whale in our population and getting such up close and personal looks at her was incredible to say the least! I ended up using my smaller lens today which I hardly ever use on the boat. What a special encounter it was.


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