A Special Encounter with a Humpback – 17/6/22

We have just started our whale watching season from Holmavik, a small town in the Westfjords, Iceland for another summer. The main species we see in this incredibly sheltered fjord that almost never experiences swell here is Humpback Whales . It is a wonderful place for people to see whales, with just one whale watching boat, so the whales never crowded and almost not chance at all of getting sea sick!

Today we came across one of our ‘regular’ individuals in the fjord, a humpback that has been seen here every year except 2018 since we started this whale watch in 2017. Most often we have seen this whale before in August, so it was nice to see it so early in the season.

It showed us some of the incredible surface behaviour that makes humpbacks so very desirable to watch, with a couple of tail throws and some lobtails.

What is so special here is that you never have any other boats in the background of photos and the whales are never crowded as we are the only whale watching boat in the area. I think this makes it very special. 


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