A Special Day with a Fin Whale & Humpbacks – 12/22

That day was very special for me, together with @francois.chauvin I was sailing at sea on a tiny dinghy. It was a bright day with a clear sky allowing good visibility in December above the Arctic Circle. We started the day by spotting a lone Fin Whale.

After some minutes with the Fin Whale, we moved on toward the south of the fjord to explore a new area. We saw a lot of blows in the distance. we got closer to shore, we stopped our dinghy and luckily we where at the right place and the right time: more than 50 humpback whales came up and headed towards our little boat, we had whales at the surface all around us for 3 minutes.

I have had years at sea with whales but I have never seen as many humpbacks in a group together… mind-blowing and heart warming to see.


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