A Southern Resident Superpod and a New Calf! – 5/9/20

It was an absolutely incredible day today with over 65 Southern Resident Killer Whales! I haven’t had a day like this in years. Whales everywhere the eye could see. Big social groups, cuddle puddles, breaches, spyhops…..a real reminder of how special these whales are. Had great conversations with my guests about the conservation of these incredible animals and lots of talk about salmon and how they can help! I have the best job in the world. Here is J16 “Slick” breaching this afternoon.

I managed to capture a quick shot of the little one beside mom as well during the. While most of the whales were grouped up socializing, these two along with J35’s other offspring (J47 “Notch”) were a few hundred meters away from everyone else circling around with their new family member. Welcome little one and we will be cautiously optimistic as you enter a critical point in your life. Thanks  to @gtwilson10 for noticing this little one and pointing it out!


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