A Short but Awesome Encounter with the T65A’s and T65B’s – 28/4/16

We had a short, albeit, awesome encounter with the T65A’s and T65B’s the other day. They were trying to get through Dodds Narrows against a huge incoming tide and had a hard time fighting the current.

T65B, T65B1, T65A3 in Dodds
T65B, T65B1, T65A3

As soon as they made it through, the separated into two groups and each took down a harbour seal.

seal about to get smacked
One of the T65A kids using one of their hunting strategies. Smacking their prey with their powerful fluke. Can you see the seals head right under the fluke?
Hard to see but you can see the seals head midway down T65A4's body here
T65A4 with the seal’s head midway down the body


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