A Short But Amazing Encounter – 10/22

We left the island at 8am approx and we didn’t have to go to far, about 1000m from the reef we saw the first blow. It was her mother breathing. A few seconds later we saw the calf breathing so we just kept our distance, about 100 to 150meters and we waited for the next breath to see if they were resting or just traveling. Around 4 or 5 minutes later we saw the calf breathing again so we decided to swim closer.

While we were swimming, the baby saw us and he came straight to us for a 5 minutes dance before going back to her mother who was sleeping 20 meters deep.

After that short but amazing show, we just decided to swim back to the boat to not bother the mother. While we were swimming to the boat, we saw the baby one more time and a few minutes after the mother woke up to breathe.


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