A Resident Killer Whale Scramble in Active Pass! – 18/7/15

Resident Killer Whale scramble … pods splitting up, matrilineal groups going every which way. We have been fortunate to spend most of our time the last few weeks with the J2s and K14s, and yesterday I got my first “Active Pass Day” of the season with them.

J40 suttles and little brotherd j45 july 18
J40 “Suttles” and J45 “Se-Yi’-Chn”

Granny breached at least 4 times, and not insignificant ones either. I’m talking big, energetic, powerful leaps.

J2 “Granny” breaching

The “predictable” pattern of their Active Pass transit makes me wonder if the breaching, spyhopping, and tail-slapping they often exhibit as they exit the pass into the Gulf of Georgia is culturally inherited, or if it some function of the water chemistry/movement there. I guess its likely both.

Lobo and onyx
K26 “Lobo” and L87 “Onyx”

We notice that they seem more active on a big flood when they go through the pass. Seeing Granny go at it yesterday made me think about how perhaps generations ago, they decided that this was the spot to get active, and how this idea has been passed down.

J2 “Granny”

Weird whales!

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