A Record Setting Day with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales! – 7/4/19

A record setting day today! A long haul to follow up on a report in the Strait of Georgia led to us finding a very large group of Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales.

T86A, T124A2, T124A2A, T124A2B, T90C

It started with the T36A’s, T36B’s, T100s, T99’s and T101s but as they continued west at high speed, they met up with the T124As (all of them), T90’s, T124D’s and T86A’s around Halibut Bank!

A LOT of socializing ensued with tons of spyhops and vocals. I managed to capture the majority of them on camera and a few visual IDs.

T124A2 and T124A2B

If all members were present (the only ones I couldn’t confirm for sure were T124D, T124D1, T036B2, T036A3, T124A4 and T090D), the total is 41 animals!

The previously known record group size per Jared Towers is 38 so this potentially the largest aggregation of Bigg’s on record!




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