A Moment I’ll Never Forget – 8/18

An event that truly touched me was this moment. A casual day off, I was a bit bored and didn’t really knew how to spend the day. Something deep inside me told me to be close to the ocean that day.🌊 So I was just enjoying the calming sound of the ocean. As our boat captain🚤 made himself ready to pick up some kayakers 🛶I asked if I could come for the ride and so we both made our way towards Hotham Sound when suddenly those beautiful killer whales 🐳 popped up right in front of our boat.

Go slow if you see a blow – so we stopped the engine and let’s just say we both exploded from the joy and gratitude in our hearts.😍 They slowly made their way up into Jervis Inlet but they will forever stay in my heart. To hear the blow, to see them majestically glide through the ocean… one childhood dream came true 🌈 still one of the best memories so far.


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