A Magnificent Encounter with Old Thom! – 9/16

My girlfriend surprised me with a weekend trip to Brier Island in Nova Scotia where they have famous whale watching tours. I had never been on a tour so it was all rather exciting. I had no idea if we would even see anything that day, let alone an Orca!

Orca’s are normally a pod oriented whale but Old Thom here is an exception.  After almost 2 years of no sightings he was finally spotted again on what was my first ever whale watching tour in the Bay of Fundy. So grateful I was able to capture some photos of this magnificent creature

One of my favourite shots from our trip

Another shot I managed to snap was of a Humpback Whale. The bay of Fundy is among the top 10 places in the world to go whale watching due to the massive amounts of water that can rise and fall as much as 53’ during tide changes


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